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This has been my second time purchasing a truck from Brian. He once again provided outstanding service. Always willing to work around our schedule to meet our needs. Brian is a pleasure to work with.

Andy L.

EASY-EASY-EASY 123 Boom-Done. The Delivery Program is sweet!!! Beats the hell out of sitting at the Dealer All Day!!

Michael H.

Fast easy way to get a good deal. Much easier than going to the Dealership and waiting. Would recommend to anyone who is tech savy.

Allen S.

It was very convinient to find the car online, surf the details and following the steps to make the purchase. I absolutely love the car and feel the money I had to spent is very well justified.

Badal Y.

I was looking for a car on craigslist and saw the price and couldnt pass it up. The people were quick and helpful with questions I had. It was nice that they delivered for free across the state

Taylor H.

Fast delivery, helpful then going to dealer/saves some time.

Sergio M.

It's been a pleasure using this Joydrive system. Sales and financing was great. I would refer using this system to anybody. Stress free/hassle free and convenient … :)

Regina S.

Had an answer to every question that I had. I would definitely come back to buy again in the future.

Cooper E.

Brian and Johnny provided Customer Service with integrity, initiative and professionalism. These Traits as well as fair priced Quality vehicle gave me the confidence to purchase a beautify vehicle sight unseen.

Jason W.

So far it's been a great experience, the staff have been amazing.

Jonathan B.

They delivered the car as promised with no hassles & went above & beyond after the sale to fix an issue with the car to make sure I was treated right. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new vehicle. This program definitely takes the stress out of car buying especially from the out of town or via the internet.

Melissa D.

This was a great experience. No waiting at the lot, everything was taken care of behind the scenes. Love, love, love!

Kenny/Jennifer T.

We have enjoyed the customer service straight through to the purchase of our last 2 vehicles.

Bret S.

Wonderful and ideal option to have vehicle delivered to my residence and alleviate the trip into the dealership.

Mark D.

They made the process of communicating buying and trading in a vehicle 100% headache free.

Casey C.

Purchasing online made the transaction painless and easy. There was no haggling and delivery on time.

Josilyn W.

Fantastic experience! Didn't have to leave the couch. Every question was answered quickly & communication was excellent!

Meltarrus W.

Great service! They were kind and the process was easy and quick!

Jonathan O.

Joydrive made it very easy. From finding the website to delivery in just two days. This is definitely the future of auto sales.

Stephen P.

Joydrive made it very easy. From finding the website to delivery in just two days. This is definitely the future of auto sales.

Jim O.
Jake & Lori
Kevin C.

Great experience overall, over communicated and discussed the process. Came properly prepared with documents. Excellent customer service.

Sam F.

So far this is the best experience that I have purchasing a car. It was painless and very cool to have my new car delivered to my door step. Highly Recommend!

Tammie N.

Having prior experience with traditional car lots, this condensed the whole process. We didn't have to deal with the “car salesman” pushing for a decision or trying to get us to buy something we didn't want/need. We get the car we wanted and were done with the paperwork within an hour. Very satisfied.

Lucas D.

A seamless purchasing experience. The future of automotive sales.

Lance L.

Our experience with purchasing our new car using Joydrive was nothing less than AWESOME! I never knew that purchasing a car could be so painless, convenient, and even fun! In our busy lives using Joydrive to find our car & take care of all the details & financing was priceless!! This is the next generation of car buying!

Corina & Craig S.

Joydrive was a great experience all the way around. We were able to get the car we wanted with all the amenities and didn't have to worry about going to the dealership. We didn't have to negotiate price, and still got a great deal. Best of all the car was delivered the next day! We will be using Joydrive from now on! Thanks so much!

Mike B.

Great experience. First time buying something without looking at and I was satisfied. Brian the sales person was knowledgeable enough to make the process easy. Highly recommended for busy people and people that can't trust others.

Aiman F.
Emelia G.
Mildred H. & David J.
Melodie I.

Was a great way to buy a car. Fast and easy.

Melanie H.

Every purchase should be like this.

Jerry S.
Keaton B.
Barry & Cindy P.
Alena & Jason G.
Ben K.
Michael C.
Robert F.
Pearline P.
Greg B.
Daniel A.
Ken H.
Casey K.
Elise P.
Matt H.

Super easy, friendly and customer-oriented experience. Love the no hassle non-cheesey interactions. Great vehicle @ a great price!

Francis P.