Our Story

Buying a car is not fun. But what if it was? Rather than spending 6 hours at a dealership, what if you could buy a car the way you actually wanted to? You would pick your new or pre-owned car from your couch, skip the “let me check with my manager”, have the car delivered, and enjoy a 5-day return period to ensure you love it.

With Joydrive, now you can.

We are automotive, technology, finance and consumer industry veterans, and we are passionate about creating an experience that is easy, fast, online, and actually fun. It’s time to get your weekend back. Stay home, buy online, and start having fun!

Leadership Team

  • Hunter Gorham

    Founder, CEO

    Why did you start Joydrive?

    I love creating simple solutions to complex problems—from securing four patents for my photographic art frames to helping lead the start-up of a digital auto lending business at a $13B finance company. After 14 years working in the automotive industry, I decided to follow my passion and create a simple solution to the greatest problem facing the auto industry: the car buying experience. My unique intersection of auto, digital, finance and entrepreneurship gave me the vision and courage to start Joydrive.

    How has your background prepared you for Joydrive?

    Prior to Joydrive, I had 14 incredible years with Ally Financial, formerly GMAC, the largest Automotive Finance Company in the nation. My career gave me insight into several distinct areas of the industry, including leading consumer and commercial operations, financing corporate bond exchanges during the 2009 bailouts, and most recently helping lead Ally's National Digital Auto business. I learned the valuable lessons that: 1) relationships matter and 2) working with dealers, rather than circumventing them, may actually lead to a simpler solution.

    What excites you?

    Sharing my photography, the ocean, bright colors, green chili, lime juice, my incredible family.

  • Mike Fitzpatrick

    COO, Marketing

    Why did you join Joydrive?

    You don’t get many chances in life to completely redefine an industry, so I jumped at the opportunity to join Hunter and his vision of making car buying actually fun. With three sons under eight, I also know first hand how difficult it is to shop for a car with booster seats!

    How has your background prepared you for Joydrive?

    Most recently, I spent four years at Nike in roles across strategy, finance, and sales planning. Prior to Nike I worked at Goldman Sachs, spent eight years in the military and had dreams of becoming a professional artist. Nike taught me to obsess the customer experience and tell a great story, Goldman Sachs and the military instilled in me discipline and an attention to detail, while creativity remains my true passion. I enjoy discussing big picture ideas just as much as building detailed project lists in excel.

    What excites you?

    Being in the outdoors with my family. Pizza, music and Marcel Duchamp.

  • Gavin Tronset


    Why did you join Joydrive?

    I have a passion for building new tools to solve existing problems, and I love using technology in everyday life. During my seven years at one of the largest car dealerships in the nation, I came to appreciate the overwhelming challenges of buying a car. Given the opportunity to help build the tool which solves these problems, I quickly joined the Joydrive team.

    How has your background prepared you for Joydrive?

    Over the course of my career, I led several teams that utilized technology to help a dealership scale from one store to seven. I became an expert in many of the systems powering the dealer industry and developed custom digital solutions to fit our individual dealer's needs. That experience gave me the skill set required to lead the creation of Joydrive's technology platform, which seamlessly integrates with dealers to deliver an easy experience for customers.

    What excites you?

    I'm a big foodie, love board games, and have a weakness for sparkling water.

  • Brad Lynch

    Dealer Relations

    Why did you join Joydrive?

    After working for seven years in the automotive industry, knowing every facet of how the business works, even I had to sit in the dealership for 6 hours to complete a purchase. I was thrilled to join the Joydrive team to make the process easier for everyone.

    How has your background prepared you for Joydrive?

    During my seven years at one of the largest dealerships in the nation, I worked across several roles including marketing, sales, and business development, touching every facet of the business. Doing so gave me the experience to understand dealer needs—their pain points and their desire to improve the customer experience. All of that has helped me in my current role of managing dealer relationships to provide a hands-on experience which ensures every customer is treated with professionalism and respect.

    What excites you?

    Spending time with my wife, hiking with my dog, puzzles and RazzApple Fun Dip.

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