How it works

Joydrive is a growing network of handpicked, elite dealers providing you the online buying and leasing experience you want. Your transaction is direct with the dealership and their licensed representative, Joydrive just lets you do both buying and leasing all online. No dealership visit required.

Buy or Lease your Vehicle Online

Complete the entire process online with one simple, haggle-free price.

  • Joydrive lets you buy or lease a new or pre-owned vehicle without visiting a dealership. That means your vehicle purchase is on your time and schedule. Or, do everything ahead of time and pick up in-store.
  • Each pre-owned vehicle has had an in-depth background check verified by the Joydrive Dealer Member. An accident report can be provided for free by your Joydrive Dealer Member.
  • Once you have found your vehicle, simply place a $199 fully refundable deposit, you can even pay with Apple Pay . If for any reason you decide not to purchase the vehicle, your entire deposit will be fully refunded.

Trade-in, Financing & Leasing

A real trade-in offer in less than 5 minutes, no dealership visit required. With Joydrive you can complete your trade-in from home and even secure financing for your new purchase.

  • Once you have paid the $199 fully refundable deposit, you will be directed to your dashboard where you can communicate directly with your Joydrive Dealer Member. Your dashboard is where you can manage the details of your purchase or lease, including your trade-in and any financing that might be required.
  • Need financing? You will be given the option to use your own bank/credit union or select "I'd like financing". Joydrive's Dealer Members utilize a network of lenders that offer competitive and fair rates quickly and efficiently.
  • Have a trade-in? Get a real offer, before or after you reserve your new vehicle, in a few simple steps and questions.

Financing & Leasing From Home

All paperwork is handled by Joydrive's Dealer Members and delivered to you. Joydrive also protects your information by using secure SSL forms, encrypted connections, and your personal information is only used on your vehicle transaction.

Online Trade-In Offer

The Joydrive trade-in process provides an instant and competitive offer after several quick questions. Stay at home, no dealership visit required. The full-service trade-in radius is limited to 300 miles from your Joydrive Dealer Member. We are rapidly expanding nationwide.

Stay at Home

Your trade-in is picked up when you receive your new vehicle. No dealership visit required.

Save on Taxes

In many states, a trade-in can lower your taxes on a vehicle purchase. If you purchase a $20,000 Vehicle and have a $12,000 valued Trade-In, you only pay taxes on $8,000!

Other Options

Selling a vehicle yourself can take weeks, likely involves unknown parties and eliminates possible tax savings.

Better Financing Terms

Applying positive equity from your trade-in can lower your loan amount, which may lower your interest rate.

How VSC & GAP help

Don’t forget to add protection to your purchase during checkout! A vehicle service contract can safeguard your investment from costly mechanical repairs, and GAP Protection guards you in a case of a 'total loss' on your vehicle. You can change your mind at any time before delivery.

VSC: Safeguard your Investment

At a low monthly cost, a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) can provide peace of mind that your vehicle is protected against unexpected repairs.

VSC coverage can include most parts, ranging from engine, transmission and transfer case, drive axle (front and rear), steering, brakes, cooling, fuel system, suspension, air conditioning and heating, electrical components, high tech components, and seals and gaskets. It can also come with other perks, like towing and roadside assistance, lost key/lockout, rental coverage, and trip interruptions. Please contact your Joydrive Dealer Member for specific details.

GAP: Protect Your Finances

In case of a total vehicle loss (such as that caused by accident, theft, or natural disaster), Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) can protect you by paying the difference between the amount owed on your finance contract and the actual cash value of your vehicle. Please connect with your Joydrive Dealer Member for specific details.

Affordable Financing

For as little as $2 a day, Vehicle Service Contracts and GAP can be built into your monthly payment.

Confidence vs The Unexpected

Technology in today's vehicles means one unexpected repair or a totaled vehicle could exceed the cost of a Vehicle Service Contract or GAP.

  • After checkout and at your convenience, upload your driver's license and insurance card.
  • If your Joydrive Dealer Member is helping you acquire financing, complete an online credit application.
  • Your bank may require additional information such as Proof of Income from within the last 30 days if you're financing.
  • Your paperwork is handled for you. You will receive a call to verify that all of your information is correct and to go over paperwork.

Delivery, In-Store Pick-Up & Return Period

Select a delivery time that fits your schedule and take advantage of your 5-day return period to decide if the vehicle is right for you. Or, do everything ahead of time and pick up in-store.

  • Select a delivery time and date or coordinate with your Joydrive Dealer Member to pick up in store.
  • We're operating full-service within 300 miles from your Joydrive Dealer Member, limited-service outside of that range (purchase only, no trade-ins) and rapidly expanding across the country. Delivery is free within 100 miles, and any applicable delivery fee is shown upfront on the vehicle page. Your Joydrive Dealer Member can deliver to your home or place of business.
  • At delivery, any funds to be collected must be in the form of a cashier's check.
    • If there are multiple people on a loan or purchasing the vehicle, or multiple names on the trade-in title, all parties must be present.
    • Valid Government issued ID for each party.
  • Want to return your vehicle? With our 5-day return period, you have 5 days from time of delivery. .
  • Residents of the following states may be required to request refund of certain taxes and/or fees directly from their DMV and/or state agency: NY

Go find yourself a car.

Hassle-free prices. Home delivery. 5-day return period.